Blog Zweden: Arctic Circle - Ivalo

 Iina Kuustonen is a multifaceted actor like her father Mikko Kuustonen. Shall see that series . Blog Zweden: Arctic Circle - Ivalo : Serie details: Titel: Arctic Circle - Ivalo Verhaal: Olli Haikka , Petja Peltomaa , Joona Tena Regisseur: Hannu Salonen Jaar: 2019 Act...

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WE ARE STILL HERE (Official) - Sofia Jannok feat. Anders Sunna


The Sápmi People/The Sápmi music/This is my land

The Sapmi People The Sapmi Music This is my Land sing Sofia Jannok.... Sofia Jannok This is my Sapmi Land, which the other try to take me away... This is my Sapmi Land,which have learn me to respect mother Earth and Nature, thouse Montains,thouse River,thouse Trees, thouse, Reindeers,thouse Languages, thouse who want to live in Peace... But look what you get back... They coming and take away your Nature, your Land, your Languages... But You still here... That is the question about Sapmi... You are till here!     Nils   Aslak   Valkeapää   (23.03.1943-26.11.2001)                                                                                                                                                               In The European Union area live solitary The   Indigenou